Seed Capital / Venture Capital

To get your business off the ground is not easy these days, you might have a good idea but not the capital, partner or investor.
Our roots are in the Business Field of Legal Services where we originated from – which is an essential backbone if it comes to business – we know how to handle and treat your sensitive information and ideas.

We are cooperating with you in your best interest and want to see your role as an active and creative partner, we will take care of funding, the corporate side of business and get the strategic partner involved.

As we do provide IT solutions and services we understand your proposals related to IT / New Media start-ups, beyond we are directly involved in Industries such as Fashion, Film, Media, Music, Hospitality / Hotel, Food and Beverage – let us understand your ideas.

In case your company has already grown and you do require Venture Capital we can assist you with that as well.

We are different – individual decision makers are in charge of providing capital, we access directly owners of large companies as they are our partners.

we will not route you through an endless procedure like corporate institutions and compared to crowd funding we act strategic and can get the best advisors on the board of your newly running company, who have years of experience and an impressive background. Celebrities can be involved as well, this has proven to be also one of our strong USPs.

We have developed out of Dubai, grew and strategically partnered in other Regions – in New York and London we have a strong presence which ensures access to solid growing markets, having decision makers of various industries as partners.

Let us coordinate your needs, no matter how complex or simple your idea might be, we will look into it!