Reliable device with a complete monitoring system.
Speed up the process of sales or payment quickly.

Recently businessmen, students and members of the public have become increasingly frustrated when; outside of their homes, there has been no convenient and reasonably priced access to printers, scanners, fax or copying machines. With the advent of low cost data storage some five years ago, we envisaged the development of a low cost and environmentally friendly an amazingly easy to handle solution to public printing would follow. Finally, Workaholic has delivered this promise.

Key Features

Quick and reliable

Fast and easy to use

Allows fast and inexpensive two-sided color printing, scanning and interactive advertising

Statistics, analytics, reports

Connect with Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail and other accounts

Connect with USB keys and smart phones


Smallest and cheapest solution to online printing with integrated printer. Ideal for schools and academic institutions.


Mid size solution, ideal for offices and business centres. With features including two integrated printers and a scanner, it is the ideal way to reduce your business printing costs.


The most powerful and the most versatile solution to public printing. Integrates two printers, scanner unit, billing station and marketing and information centre. Ideal for public areas, airports, markets.

Technical Features

The machine has a built-in extremely fast color printer, A4 scanner, 21.5 inch ELO touch-screen, thermal printer (usually standard 80mm wide with a 300m of paper),coin acceptor and recycler, bill acceptor and recycler, cashless paymentsystem – credit and debit card reader, pin pad, QR-reader, aditional display for advertising or interactive advertising. We are already preparing for contactless cards and NFC smartphones. It is possible to add additional printers (e.g. for tickets) or card readers (e.g. for subscriber cards with credit). A small but very powerful computer takes care for a flawless continuous work with as little energy consumption as possible. Connection with the machine is possible via secure VPN network, Wi-Fi or GSM interface.

Workaholic is an environmentally friendly form of printing (No waste of toners or cartridges, fully recyclable printing paper, Double A printing on both sides of paper)

Workaholic is capable of printing pictures and text

Workaholic avoids costly ownership and maintenance of a printer, scanner and copier

Vast possibilities exist whereby additional functions can be integrated with the Printex machine (target advertising screen, camera for picture taking and video communication, cash payment system, PayPal and NFC mobile payment, touch screen with integrated scanning system, daily printing of worldwide newspapers and magazines, ordering home delivery of food or even from pharmacies, bill payment systems, voice integration, time saving distance printing with print storage).

By developing Workaholic we have created a holistic solution that brings environmentally friendy and exceptional quality printing to the public access arena.

Our control system allows us to oversee every machine’s operation and quickly intervene if any problems arise. This provides us with exceptional responsiveness to correct the problem and reduce downtime to the minimum.


Since all the maintenance is from the front of the machine, it is possible to mount it against the the wall or in line with other boxes. Connections can be routed from the ground, from the wall behind the machine or from the ceiling depending on the installation environment. It is also very easy maintain.

Business Models

Workaholic has a flexible approach to business models and can tailor our offering to best suit your business needs.

Rental: The location owner pays a monthly rent for the installation and retains all of the revenues generated. Maintenance charges are included in the rental fee.

Free installation: We can install a Workaholic in any of your locations free of charge and pay for all maintenance in order to provide a valuable range of services for your customers. Revenues are retained by Workaholic.

Sale: You can buy the Workaholic technology from us along with a maintenance agreement and retain all revenues generated.

Managed print services: We can install and maintain PrintLion(s) in your locations for and agreed cost per page for which we bill monthly.

Variable mark-up: A free installation, maintenance included model in which customers pay per page printed and the location owner agrees a mark-up which they retained

Coffee Shop / Food & Beverage Locations

Providing a printing service is a great added value as many business people conduct meetings and even work from coffee shops and restaurants. Enabling them to print documents, contracts and product information will greatly enhance their customer experience.

In addition to providing this additional service, we can develop a touch screen application for ordering, and delivering product information.

During peak times, customers can order using the touch screen. The order is then delivered straight to the kitchen/barista who can deliver the product.

Reduced queuing + -

In high volume locations, large queues can deter potential customers and frustrate customers already on siteIncreased order accuracy: As customers can use self service machines, they can order exactly what they want with no confusion

Increased speed of delivery + -

The greatest bottle neck in food service environments is often at the order taking station

Language localisation + -

In today’s cosmopolitan cities, many visitors can experience difficulty in understanding menus and product details. Your bespoke Workaholic application can be localised into multiple languages as required

Increased staff efficiency + -

Use your existing staff to process orders more efficiently rather than taking orders. This will allow you to increase your turnover with no additional manpower resource.

Product advertising + -

Deliver your advertising message either within the order application, or on the inbuilt additional advertising space. When you have new products, special offers, or simply delivering brand reinforcement messaging, Workaholic can help you deliver your message consistently every time.

Hygiene + -

Staff handling cash and then handling food can create hygiene issues. Using Workaholic for customer ordering removes the dual handling of cash and food, and removes the potential for hygiene issues, increasing customer confidence.

Existing installations in Germany and Slovenia have shown the following results

15%-30% increase in orders with no additional staff required

70% of customers prefer ordering using the machine rising to 90% in some locations

Office and Apartment Buildings

In apartment buildings there are frequently hundreds of residents, very few of whom own a personal printer. Offering the option of printing documents, images and photographs from within their own building is a quick and easy way to offer a valuable additional service.

Additional services that can be developed to add significant value, and save residents valuable time include:

Payment of service charges + -

Enabling your residents to pay their service charges makes their lives easier, and also ensures you receive your payments in as timely manner as possible.

Utility bill payments + -

Payment of utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone, internet service providers enables residents to simplify their lives and removes the needs of travelling to several offices to make payments. They can pay all of their bills from within their own building, 24hr a day, 365 days a year.

Concierge services + -

Additional value add services such as ordering taxi cabs, purchasing metro tickets and entrance to local attractions can significantly enhance your service offering.