Know It All

A manager with properties similar to yours – perfectly designed, exceptionally intelligent and extremely fast.

Get to know him. KnowItAll is simply an effective knowledge management system in a cloud for generating very fast analyzes and reports. It saves your time and money – what more can you expect?


Every major company has a system that handles financial and accounting part of the business and a system for customer relationships, some kind of CRM, which handles records of events with customers.

Most companies don’t have a system that would sufficiently manage data about employees, their knowledge, successes and failures in business. The likelihood that a company owns and uses a system for complete overview of their suppliers is also small. All these data is stored and used only by individual departments and there isn’t any system for the whole company. Even in the event that all these systems exist, they are not usually connected and can’t cooperate with each other, thus require manual work to collect needed data between them. And this is time-consuming and expensive. You can’t provide the best offers and operations without the whole picture.


KnowItAll is a product that allows the aggregation, display, analyzes and reports of with using all types of data in your business.

We can view KnowItAll as a system that can be built and adapted completely to your needs. This enables us to create the best possible solution. We make it possible due to extreme flexibility of our product.

Companies already use expensive systems and bought expensive trainings for employees that may work satisfatorily, but lack the interconnectivity between themselves. Transition to completely new system would be uneconomical. The advantage of our product is that it allows the collection, connection and storage of data from existing systems. That is why we can provide automatic and manual analysis and reporting in one place.


Users are nowadays no longer limited to desktop computers, and are using many different devices. Our product can display data and communicate with:

desktop and laptop computers – overview of information, adding new data

smartphones, tablets – overview of information, adding new data

displays and other digital signage – overview of information

Technical Specifications

super fast analysis and report generation

fully customizable

integration with other systems

safe data storage

ease of access


space occupancy rate

technology occupancy rate

occupancy rate of equipment, tools, instruments...

maintenance, wear, replacement purchases


financial overviews



overview of knowledge and skills

overview of projects, whereabouts, who is or will be assigned to them

overview of other activities (staff training, missions)

overview of results

overview of workload and availabilities for new projects

financial results

Analyzes and Reports

We can use the data for statistics, analyzes and reports.
All procedures can be automatic or manual.

Analyzes - overview of user activity, the financial situation of a specific project and the treatment of clients at your fingertips

Reports - automatically or manually generated according to user requirements.

Results are exportable to Word, Excel or PDF document.

References / University of Maribor


overview of competences

overview of projects the person participates in

overview of other user activities

option to generate EUROpass CV from current user data

overview of user's inventions and other intellectual properties

overview of user's load time and availability for potenital new projects

overview of user's statistics


project review

overview of project phases and the financial status of the project

overview of participating persons in the project

overview of research infrastructure in the project

Research Groups

record keeping

Research Infrastructure

record keeping

using and maintaining equipment reservations

Reports, Analysis and Statistics

generating of pre-made reports

generating analysis

Reports, Analysis and Statistics

overview of inventions, patents, models, trademarks

keeping records of the licensing of industrial property

Use Case / Museums

User friendly way of showing all the information in the system:


overview of a brief description

overview of an extensive description

overview of pictures

overview of logs about restorations / exhibitions


exhibition overview

overview of the descriptions of exhibitions

overview of sponsors

organization of the exhibitions



generating of pre-made reports

generating analsyis

generating of pre-made reports

overview of statistics